BAM Presents The Cithara and the Aulos by Lauren Clay

Lauren Clay, a Brooklyn-based artist, revealed in the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) her new music-influenced wallpaper. Let’s spend some time to discover it…

Founded in 1861 in the Brooklyn Heights district, the institute hosted a 2200 seat concert room. After being devastated by a fire in 1903, the BAM was transferred in the new and stylish district of Fort Green.

It goes without saying that this place hosted some very famous concerts such as Faust of Charles Gounod, with Geraldine Farrar and Enrico Caruso as the main protagonists.

This mythical place has then been expanded several times, more recently in 1997 with the opening of a new theatre dedicated to independent movies.

We were therefore thrilled to hear that a local artist made her place into the historic Dorothy W. Levitt lobby !

Living in New York, Lauren Clay is a sculptor who has already exhibited, among others, in 2016 at Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta), as well as at Chicago’s LVL3 Gallery at Miami.

In this new installation, Lauren Clay was inspired by the duelling instruments of Apollo and Marsyas. She used traditional techniques to marbleize paper, by floating paint on the surface of a liquid solution and manipulating it into various patterns.

The end result is absolutely stunning, captivating and even hypnotic. It reminds us of the waves of an experimental music. You fell into it, and you simply cannot escape. Each curve, each color seems to be here for a reason. Most importantly, it felt completely integrated with the historical lobby.

“Follow your instincts regardless of what’s happening in the art scene. Follow your own interests to their extreme conclusion.”

If you’re in Brooklyn in the next coming weeks, definitely do not miss it! It will be there until 9th of April!