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Travel inspires us. It takes us to new places and new spaces; it transports our minds, animates our spirits, and enlivens our senses. Our travel guide series charts the world’s creative hotspots – places beaming with musical, artistic, cultural, and culinary inspiration.

Today, we have decided to explore with you Argentina, the country of tango! Recognized as one of the most sensual dances in the world, tango is everywhere in Buenos Aires.

What is tango?

Tango takes its root in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, at the end of 19th century, and Montevideo in Uruguay. It quickly grew in popularity to become a very well-known dance all over the world.

But the tango cannot be dissociated with the bandoneon, the most essential instrument of tango. At first sight, it looks like an accordion, but it’s internally completely different!

We had the chance to visit la Casa del Bandoneon, a typical fabric that still creates bandoneon like the old time, situated in the heart of Buenos Aires. Its owner, Oscar, took us through the various steps of the creation. It’s absolutely incredible to see how meticulous you need to be to assemble every piece of the bandoneon. Not surprising it sounds this good!

Like a feel of tango…

We continue our road in the streets of Buenos Aires, and more specifically in the La Boca district. This place immersed us in a long tradition of street dancing. For our biggest pleasure (and the one of other tourists!), a young couple started to dance in front of us.

We didn’t realize it at first, but tango requires a lot of skill to be mastered! Not only do you need to be very flexible, but it is also very demanding. The rhythm is sometimes fast, sometimes slow… and you need to be perfectly coordinated with your partner.

But it was already time to move on to the next place… Buenos Aires has so much to offer!