KoAloha Concert Ukulele Koa (KCM-00) with LR Baggs Five-0 Pickup

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This KoAloha Concert Koa Ukulele (KCM-00) is called "Magic" and comes with an LR Baggs Five-0 pickup installed.

Look no further, this is it, the original, handmade all solid wood koa. If your ready to get one of the finest instruments you will ever own, then you will not be disappointed in this KoAloha Concert Ukulele.

Plus you get the "better than the weather" KoAloha warranty which means they will fix or replace your ukulele if you have any issues with if, for life.

This is a new koa ukulele made 100% right here in Hawaii with solid koa wood. This is one of the most popular choices for Hawaiian-made instruments. Because of that we cannot keep them in stock, but when we do it's a treat. The KoAloha concert has a beautiful voice that can go from soft and beautiful to explosively loud! But loud or soft, the KCM from KoAloha is full of vibrant tone. Plus, it's easy to play with a smooth feel you will love!

This new 2018 model with abalone logo inlay and an improved gloss finish. The concert models also now have an ebony bridge and fingerboard with abalone fret markers. That along wiith gorgeous koa wood and the new gloss finish make the KoAloha concert more beautiful than ever! Pictured ukulele is the one for sale here. Videos give a sound sample of the same model.

The KoAloha KCM-00 concert ukulele is slightly larger and more rounded than the standard soprano. It features an all-Hawaiian koa body.

  • Ebony bound fretboard and bridge
  • Abalone logo and fret marker on 5, 7, 10, and 12th fret
  • Abalone side dot on 7, 10, and 12th fret
  • New & improved gloss finish


  • Free Uke Like The Pros Course (You Choose)
  • Custom setup from the KoAloha factory in Hawaii
  • FREE Gator Hard Shell Case (not included from KoAloha)
  • "Better Than The Weather" Warranty 

The ukulele in the video and the photos is the exact ukulele you will receive.

This KoAloha Concert Koa Ukulele (KCM-00) comes with an LR Baggs Five-0 pickup installed.