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Romero Creations Daniel Ho 6 String Nylon Guitar/Guilele RC-DHo6-SM "Skye" PICKUP INSTALLED [DISCOUNTED]


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    Romero Creations

    Romero Creations Daniel Ho 6 String Nylon Guitar/Guilele RC-DHo6-SM "Skye" PICKUP INSTALLED [DISCOUNTED]


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    Romero Creations Daniel Ho 6 String Nylon Guitar/Guilele RC-DHo6-SM "Skye" PICKUP INSTALLED [DISCOUNTED]

    * NOTE - This Baritone Guilele is PRE-OWNED, has a crack (see photos) and was repaired by Pepe Romero Jr.

    * NOTE - This Romero Creations Baritone Guilele has a LR Baggs Element VTC pickup installed in it and a neck strap button

    SAVE $50 - Normally to install an LR Baggs Element VTC pickup is $275 plus a 3 week wait at the shop to install, but this is priced only $225 over the price of one without a pickup, thus saving you $50.

        Daniel Ho Signature Model 6 string Baritone tuned E to E (with Tiny Tenor Shape) This is a recording quality instrument that is compact for the touring musician and has all the tone and power of a full sized guitar! The Tiny Tenor style body provides a rich and even tone which sounds much bigger than it looks. 

        These Romero Creations Baritone Guilele have a HUGE sweet sound. You will absolutely love the sound and feel of these incredible instruemnts.


        • Solid Engelmann Spruce Top
        • Solid Premium Mahogany Sides and Back
        • 1-15/16 Nut Width (49mm)
        • 21 Inch Scale Length
        • Tuned E to E with Pepe Romero Strings Baritone Guilele Set
        • Gloss finish
        • 20’ Radius Fingerboard
        • Ebony Fingerboard and Bridge
        • Compensated Saddle
        • Gloss Finish
        • Gotoh Tuners
        • Tuned E-A-D-G-B-E 


        1. Will match or beat any online price for similar new, in stock ukulele.
        2. Free Month Premium Membership at ($29.95 Value)
        3. Free Professional Access Case - $99 value (Discounted Hard Cases Available) - THIS Does fit into a Kala Baritone Hard Shell Case
        4. Free Fully Insured US Shipping on Orders Over $400 to Lower 48 States
        5. Free Romero Creations Setup - Custom Setup RECOMMENDED (See Below)
        6. Free World Famous Candy Pack
        7. Free Uke Like The Pros Chord Chart
        8. Free Uke Like The Pros Microfiber Cloth
        9. Free Uke Like The Pros Sticker
        10. Usually Ships in 1-2 Days, Sometimes Same Day.
        11. Worldwide Fully Insured Shipping Available.
        12. 2 Year Warranty Backed by Pepe Romero Jr.

        * CUSTOM SETUP - Each Romero Creations comes with a factory setup BUT I strongly recommend adding a setup especially if you want the easiest playability, have arthritis, or are particular about your setups and want a low action (how close the strings are to the fretboard) please click the "ADD Custom Setup" on this page.

        * A humidifier is HIGHLY encouraged with all orders. No matter where you live humidifiers not only protect your investment but also help the warranty process go smoother because you have taken the steps to ensure the safety and protection of your ukulele. If you ever have to file a claim with Romero Creations the first question they will ask if you have a humidifier.

        * Either the Oasis OH-18 (OH-32 for extra dry areas) or the Boveda Humidifier are recommended and available here at Click "ADD Humidifier"

        * You can simply click the add to order box to add the humidifier.

        *An Lr-Baggs Element VTC Pickup can be installed for $275 - click ADD Pickup . Normal install times are 2-3 weeks. If you want your instrument sooner please use the RUSH pickup option.

        * NOTE - You will receive the EXACT Romero Creations in the PHOTOS

        • We understand it can be hard to choose the instrument that is absolutely perfect for you. We understand it is even harder to do so online. We try our best to help you pick one that is right for you, but sometimes it just is not the right fit. 

          We want to take care of you!

          If in any case you would like to return your instrument, we offer a 7 day return policy.

          We ask that you pay for shipping back, and as long as the instrument is in mint condition, you will get a full refund (minus the return shipping and original shipping costs).

          You will receive your refund as soon as we receive and inspect the instrument. If a strap button or pick-up was installed on the instrument, a 10% re-stocking fee will be added (alternating the original instrument in anyway limits the people that might consider purchasing the product).

          If the instrument is damaged or broken when you get it, please let us know right away and we will file a claim. If anything is missing from your order, tell us, and we will send it. 

          We do hope nothing goes wrong with your order, but being human sometimes mistakes happen. We do our best to respond to these issues as quick as we can, so the faster you let us know the faster we can help you! 

          You can reach out to us at